Is it too late for resolutions… I hope not!

I have unexpectedly found myself with a little more time on my hands than usual. And whilst I have mused over industrious ways of spending this time (which by the way can only be done with my feet up!), there is one thing I will definitely be doing a whole lot more of: reading!

This – unashamedly – is not a post about getting our darlings reading, although I guess older children might find it helpful. This is a post for me. I want to sign myself up publicly to read more; to read widely and to prioritise reading – it is after all what I love to do. I often watch my eldest son devour book after book after book and feel quite envious that time doesn’t seem to allow adults the same luxury. Well, this is the year that it changes!

Here’s what I’m planning:

It’s something I stumbled across a few years ago whilst looking for something to inspire a disinterested Year 9 class. I set it as a challenge for them, and now I’m setting myself the same challenge. Perhaps you’d like to join me.

  1. Read a book because you like the look of the front cover.
  2. Read a book your Mum/Dad loves.
  3. Read a book from a genre you usually avoid.
  4. Read a book that was written in the year you were born.
  5. Read a book that has been collecting dust on your bookshelf for far too long.
  6. Read a biography of someone with the same first name as you.
  7. Read a book that your bestie recommends.
  8. Reread a favourite from your childhood.
  9. Read the first in a series of books.
  10. Read a current bestseller.

Writing out my list – slightly adapted from the original – I have to say I feel a mixture of excitement and apprehension. I mean, I’m not sure how many great books were written in the year I was born and the genres I tend to avoid, I do so with good reason! But I can really see the value in doing this. Exploring different genres, different authors, different perspectives; being inspired by the unexpected or reconnecting with childhood memories sounds like an adventure I can actually have whilst keeping my feet up!

Let me know if you’ve tried something similar or feel inspired to join me!

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