If you feel like you’re rereading the same stories again and again, then check out these fabulous books we’ve been reading recently…

Reading with your children is one of the most vital things you do as a parent. As I explained in my first post about bedtime stories, this time with our children helps them learn to love books, develops language and settles them down to a good night’s sleep. However, sometimes we find ourselves reading the same stories over and over, and whilst there’s nothing wrong with having a favourite go-to book, a new story can create fresh excitement for stories and keeps things interesting for parent and child.

1, ‘No Matter What’ – (Debi Gliori): This is such a beautiful story about a child learning the full extent of it parents love, with the affirming line recurring throughout: I’ll always love you no matter what. In just a couple of week these words have become part of our everyday conversation as we adapt the questions and scenarios to our own contexts. It is just such a pleasure to read this with my little one.


2. ‘Mr Wolf’s Pancakes’ – (Jan Fearnley): We L-O-V-E this story.  It is such an enjoyable book. In fact, I enjoyed it so much, I read it to my ten year old who is way past this level of book, but who I knew would appreciate the humour. Mr Wolf – of ‘Little red riding hood’ and ‘three little pigs’ fame – asks his fairytale friends for their help with making pancakes, but they nastily refuse and so he does everything ‘all by himself’. The reader expects a lovely moral at the end of the story, but without giving too much away, we don’t quite get what we expect…. and what a giggle it provides us with. Definitely worth a read!!

3. ‘Use your imagination’ – (Nicola O’Byrne) – Quite a new story about a rabbit and a wolf (another big bad one I’m afraid) – except he doesn’t get the last laugh – the story that we all expect (that fairytale’s teach us to expect) isn’t actually set. When rabbit uses his imagination, he decides the story’s ending, which is a really positive message for small children. Not as fun as ‘Mr Wolf’s pancakes’, but a great story nonetheless.

So, just a short one this time, but I’m sure you’ll find these great reads for you and your younglings.

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Thanks for reading!